The List of Ten Edge-of-the-Seat Moments in Fiction

  1. Falling off a Cliff, Building
  2. Drowning in a river, sea
  3. Climbing on a treacherous mountain, building
  4. A plane out of control and without a pilot
  5. Opening a Door rigged to explode
  6. Strapped to a vehicle without brakes
  7. Falling out of a plane without a parachute
  8. Swimming in shark infested waters
  9. Falling down a crevasse or off a rope bridge
  10. Being chased by wild hungry animals or trying to escape a landslide.

The First Mermaid I Saw

Daryl Hannah was the first mermaid I saw as a youngster. It was only years later, when I was seventeen when I wrote my very first poem, “Lady of the Sea”, after a crush I had, that I realized that “Splash”, the movie made such a lasting impression on me. Years later the poem was published in an Anthology of Poetry, published by the Watermark press in USA.


A few years ago, I published a collection of seventy-five of my poems, I titled the book, “Lady of the Sea and other poems.”

Lady of the Sea-Book
Lady of the Sea-Book

“The Lady of the Sea” has come a long way, from being a movie that made an impression, in “Splash”, on my mind, to a poem, which later set me onto the path to being a poet and author.