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Human beings in the year 2064AD are valued by their Faces. This is based on a Global Face Index (GFI), which sets a person Face Value based on life experiences, trainings, skills, psychological and physiological attributes. What happens when the wrong people in society have the highest Face Value and only one man knows how to control the Face Value Index before the world is controlled by fanatics and the criminally insane in society?

The World of Face Values is the world of the future, a world of social influence and power. A face, your face is so much more than the first thing you see in the mirror every morning. Your face is literally your fortune and you need to do whatever it takes to keep your Face Value high up on the scale of social influence in order to be accepted and considered a valuable member of society.
What is the value of a person’s face?
We tend to look at our faces in the mirror and wonder to ourselves, what makes this face so special?
Would it matter if I had a different face?
We notice that we all react differently to people in life. We smile at a familiar friendly face and we turn away from the face of a person we do not like very much. We look away from a face we think is unfriendly or cruel. We tend to judge people based on their faces whether we like to do so or not. It is wrong to judge a book by its cover, but there are so many of us who are guilty of doing just that.

Do our thoughts change our facial features?

Could a person change their way of thinking to alter their facial features?
Our faces reveal so much like who we are, what we are thinking, feeling, as well as our intentions and impressions.

The human face is one of the most complex parts of the human body composed of skin, muscles, features and expressions. The human face has the biggest range of muscle structure in the human body, while forty-three of these muscles are directly linked to facial emotions.
It is human nature to trust and listen to a person with a kind face, kind eyes and a warm smile, than to someone who looks unfriendly, cold and who in our opinion has a cruel look.
In a world where identity fraud came to be a common occurrence there was need for a new face recognition system to be able to check the identity of a person. In the future there are more people experiencing identity theft, which is in a large part due to the digital footprints we leave in cyberspace.
In a world where the worth of a person is measured by his or her wealth, it was necessary for an evaluation system to be created where the skills and influence of a person could be measured. The evaluation score obtained by this ingenious method was intricate, unique making it possible for any person to get the job or career which would be ideal for the individual, so that maximum experience, joy and satisfaction were gained in the short and long terms.
Beatrice and Frank Posten were two social media scientists who developed the grading system of Face Values. They were part of an approved government project in 2064AD.
The couple had great visions of the future and they were killed in a road accident after the first two months of having implemented the new Face Value systems globally. The whole incident was treated with suspicion, as it happened in broad daylight. There were a few eye-witnesses who said that the couple were driving a blue car when they were pushed off the road and over the cliff by two black cars, a Lexus and a Chrysler which drove away.

This unfortunate incident stole the couple of their accomplishment, while creating a monstrous evaluation system, which was being used by nefarious agents to control human population worldwide and in human colonies in space.


It is said that “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” We are one connected island of social interaction, we are all together and yet we are all worlds apart.

I am the Face Value system and I am going to change the way humans look at themselves.

A young man is sitting in front of his computer and mobile phone working on his scores in his Face Value Application.
“Congratulations Hank, you have improved your Face Value score and now you are eligible for your next job,” says the computer, the message is repeated on the mobile of the young man.
There is a knock on the door of the apartment.
The young twenty-five year old sits up straight in his wheelchair and moves towards the door.
He raises his hand and opens the two latches and he pulls off the door chain.
He peeps through the narrow opening in the door and sees four strangers outside.
He opens the door nervously, he observes the men outside his door with suspicion.
The young man opens the door fully.
“Mr. Hank Burton your country needs you. You are to be appointed as the new President of the united new world.”
“Is this my new job? Has my Face Value risen to the Presidential level?” says the young man amused.
“Yes, you now qualify for the post of the President of the united new world,” says one of the men, a slim looking man close to his fifties slightly greying at the temples, dressed in a suit.
The men in black suits enter the small apartment.
The men in suits take the young man, who is now dressed in a dark blue suit and grey tie downstairs to the waiting limousine.
They drive Hank across the city in a limo to the Presidential office. A group of cabinet ministers walk in. They inform Hank Burton that he is the next President of the new New world.

There is a large map of the united world and there are no more boundaries, the world is one enormous large land mass sharing its resources, wealth and prosperity.

The Earth’s tectonic plates have shifted and it has resulted in physically uniting the divided world of boundaries, territories, divisions and lines.
Meanwhile an elderly woman is escorted out of the back door. She is taken in a car and left in a retirement home. Her Face value has dropped. Adele Sommerville was the President of the New World Order, but her social value and social influence dropped drastically after the great Earth shift, which resulted in the economic and political crisis in the world. This was an upheaval she was not equipped to solve. But, a young man called Hank Burton, a graduate and a genius of political reforms provided solutions, which made the world take notice. The world needed a leader for this New Age and Hank Burton was their answer.

At the Face Value Headquarters a group of ten individuals watch the screen in a high security building.
The Social Media values are rising and falling of individuals around the world. The woman in charge of the operations Merle Grayson is studying the charts with interest. The Global Face Index or GFI is the main program which evaluates all the faces of mankind from children to adults.
“We need to contact Rudy Nureyev, his Face Value is dropping at the space Station. He needs to launch that satellite in space before his face value drops and the launch is delayed by a year.”
“The virus in the spaceship is eliminating everyone with low face Values and three astronauts have already died,” said Jill Fonseca a tall brunette, who was part of Merle’s team.

Can we manipulate our facial features?

What if a person could manipulate their facial features by staring at the photograph of another person, by staring in a mirror and re-arranging their facial features with the power of their thoughts and mental abilities?

Monks at the Monastery of Triune develop a method to increase their face value in the Stock Markets.
“I believe that having the face of a Sinner or the face of a Saint, will not save a person. The world needs to have the right people at the helm of government, so the wrong people need to have their Face Values adjusted.”
Social Media influence and ecommerce values are realistic values in the society of the future. The right social Face Value can make an individual a leader in society, while a low social Face Value can result in an underprivileged life.
Human beings are capable of making ten thousand unique facial expressions. Genuine facial expressions are almost always symmetrical.
Paul Ekman proved that human expressions were learned, and showed that all human facial expressions are innate and universal. This research he carried out in the 1960s in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.
There are twenty-one mimetic facial muscles which are directly attached to the face and form the foundation of the human face.
This group of holy monks were growing their social media influence using special mathematical formulas they had developed.
Everything which the monks did was podcasted and broadcasted out to their growing audience, in the form of messages, video vlogs, pod casts, audio casts and also as blog posts.
These ordinary and pleasant six monks were producing some of the best wine and cheese in the world.
The Face Values of these monks were going up daily and they were crossing levels and ranks now in the social media blogosphere.
These humble six monks with their rising Face Values were now reaching the level of becoming some of the most powerful people in the world.
These simple and charitable monks could also run the country very soon.
There were people who did not want that to happen.
At this instant there were five assassins out to kill the six innocent monastics.
There was a traitor in the Face Value global operations network, known as “Blank Face”. The assassins of Blank Face were out to control the Face Value system and use it to harness the power of social networks to control the planet. No one could stop the agents of “Blank Face” from fulfilling their mission.
The Monastery of the Monks of Triune was located on an island in the pacific. There were few people who knew about the existence and the location of the island.
Yet, there were now three motor-boats headed towards the island and the Monastery. It was late night and the boats were soundlessly skimming the waters towards the island.
As the motor boats landed onto the beach, six armed men came ashore.
The men creep up the beach. They crawl on the grounds of the monastery and climb the high walls to get into the monastery.
The monastery is quiet, except for the sounds of the monks chanting in the inner sanctum. The masked Anti-Social Media Squad noiselessly moved along the dark and damp corridors of the monastery, till they reach a door.
The six men throw open the doors and step into the well-lit room, with guns firing.
The six praying monks drop to the floor, riddled with bullets, and bleeding profusely. The spilled blood of the monks marks the prayer room of the monastery.
The six men remove the prayer beads from the dying monks clenched hands as they next take out fresh brown robes from their packs.
All six men have the same faces as the monks killed, as they remove their masks. One of the men resets his face as he notices a shift in the angle of his nose on a shiny cabinet in the computer control centre.
These men have stolen the identities of the real monks. They go to the laptops in the adjoining room and improve their social media scores by clicking buttons to “Save the Rain Forests”, followed by clicking on sites to “Save the World from Global Warming.”

The monks next go onto the grey social networks and start to make purchases of weapons of mass destruction.

These monks, are the agents of “Blank Face” and their mission is to bring about the downfall of mankind and human civilization.





Merle Grayson sets out to find the person with zero face value and bring the person to justice.

Merle Grayson was now following a lead for a person with Zero Face Value who had made no attempt to increase their Face Value over the two months. It is a crime for a person to have a Zero Face Value in the Earth of the future.

Merle was doing this job for the last ten years now, since leaving the Face Value Training Academy. Studying to be a Face Value Analyst and Justice Officer was a tough job and she knew that he father would have been proud of her and the work that she was doing.
Her father Kevin was a police officer. He had wanted a son and he had a difficult time bringing his daughter up single-handedly after his wife Valerie passed away, at childbirth.
Kevin married again. His new wife Doris was not too fond of his daughter Merle, especially after she got two children, two girls who she gave her undivided love and attention.
There were times when Merle’s father would pick her up after school and take her for ice-cream and skating or to the movies. Merle treasured those moments with her Dad. When Merle was seventeen her father enrolled her into the Face Value training Academy. A year later Kevin passed away after a cardiac arrest, when he was at work. He was only forty-five when he passed away.
Merle left home and stayed with friends as she continued her training. There were times when she was also tempted to follow her friends and go partying and break the law. But, she always thought about her father and his last words to her, “Merle, I love you. Always prove to yourself that you can accomplish anything in life. Make yourself proud to be my daughter.”

Merle drove her car up to the old building on the outskirts of the city, which was located in a seedy neighbourhood, close to the waterfront.
She was looking for Fred Bingham the person of interest with Zero Face Value. He was the man she had to bring into the Court of Justice. He was to be imprisoned and shamed for not doing anything useful with his life. Fred had a debt to pay for society. He needed to contribute his skills, talents and abilities for the betterment of humanity. Fred Bingham had a lot to answer when she met him.
Merle kicked the old wooden door in. The swung open, she had her guns drawn. Merle was ambidextrous so she was a good shot with her gun with both her hands. This security officer loved her job and she was good at it, this was going to be one of those days, when she would show no mercy for her suspect.
Merle was allowed to shoot a suspect dead, with her license to kill, if he or she made an attempt to obstruct justice or try to prevent her from doing her job.
There was no one in sight, as she moved through the living room, into the bedroom, past the kitchen.
Merle was approaching the half open bathroom door, when she received a shock at what she saw in front of her. There was the stench of death in the air.
There was a pair of crutches on the floor.
Fred Bingham was drowned in the bathtub, with a plastic bag over his head. It was a murder and the killer had done his job successfully.
The scene was pitiable and it even made her feel bad inside.
Merle was a hardened officer of the law, but this scene made her fight back a tear. The man had a zero Face Value score because he was murdered two months ago.


It was all over the news the next day.

Adele Sommerville, the ex-President of the United New World was found poisoned in her bedroom. This was an assassination, as Adele Sommerville never touched a drop of alcohol in her life.

Do life experiences change our facial features?

What if a person can change their facial features by going through different or specific life experiences?

Merle Grayson has to testify in Court and put away a person who has stolen his face value from his identical twin.

The Crime Face Application Grabber tracks a person who has increased their Face Value Score using crime. The crime against another person adds the victim’s Face Value Score to the score of the criminal’s Face Value and is highlighted to all justice departments around the world and in galactic settlements in outer space.

Zane’s twin Cain disappeared at sea a year ago. His body was never found. Zane and Cain were identical twins. They had different Face Values although they were twins. Zane had a lower value of 1500 while his twin Cain had a Face Value of 7500. On Cain’s accidental death his Face Value went down to Zero. However, Zane had found a way to acquire all Cain’s Face Value and add it to his. Zane’s Face Value was now 9000. This would now put Zane in a powerful position.
Merle Grayson was ordered by Commander Jane Gill to arrest Zane and question him as to how he had added his dead brother’s score to his own.
Zane was arrested and he was placed in an interrogation room.
Merle walked into the room. She looked at the handsome young man who sat in the chair with his handcuffs on. He looked like he was in his late twenties, he had brown hair and brown eyes and he was about six feet tall and looked athletic.
Zane looked up at Merle and smiled brazenly.

“Hello Officer, it is good to see a friendly face around here,” said Zane.
“You will find out that I’m not as friendly as I looked,” said Merle sternly.
Merle pulled out her Face Value calculator from her black jacket pocket, typed the name of Zane and his twin brother Cain into the gadget.
Cain was now a zero, having died tragically in an accident.
Zane on the other hand was now at 9000.
“How did this happen, Zane?”
“What happened? I don’t understand officer.”
“How did you get your dead brother’s score added to yours?”
“The system got confused and added my brother’s scores to mine when he died.”
“That’s just impossible.”
“Not really, when there was only one person all along,” said Zane.
“But, why did you create two identities?”
“My brother died when we were teenagers in a camping accident, my parents buried his body and they told me to create a dual identity, in order to cover-up the crime.”
“Why did you keep pretending to be your brother and now decide to make him disappear?”
“My parents died two years ago and left a major portion of the inheritance to my brother, which resulted in having a large score. I decided to make him disappear in order to get my hands on his share of the inheritance as I’m the last surviving member of the family.”
“That would mean that your crime is identity fraud and not murder,” said Officer Merle Grayson.
“I should get off the hook in six months,” said the triumphant Zane.
“Not really, the punishment for playing the Face Value system is twenty years of imprisonment. You are twenty-five now and you should be released at the age of forty or forty-five.”













A teenage model raises her Face Value and gets to run a Beauty empire.
High Value Faces can be seen everywhere in the city, in the media, all over the world and on Earth colonies.
Sylvia was a model from the age of six and she was used to being in the limelight. Her parents had encouraged her to take up modelling at a young age. Sylvia’s parents had high value faces and they were well known in the science industry. Her mother Judy was a Head Teacher at the school with an influence spanning three decades and over ten thousand students and their families.
The Beauty Value Application was created by Sylvia Jones to help young people develop their skills in the field of beauty, while increasing their Face Value score. The Beauty App was a great success with young girls of all ages.
Sixteen year old Sylvia woke up that morning listening to the buzz of the beauty app on her mobile phone.
There was a photo shoot in the woods close to the city. Sylvia got ready, dressed up and took her portfolio with her. Sylvia was familiar with the Agency though the name of the person was not known to her.
That day Sylvia did not return home. Her parents phone the agency to ask if they had invited her to a photo shoot.
The personal assistant at the fashion agency inform the parents that they had not invited Sylvia for any photo shoot, as their three photographers were out on an assignment in the Bahamas with a group of their models.
The fashion Agency informs the police that six of their top models are missing. One of the girls had left a phone behind and the message read that there was to be a photo shoot in the woods just outside the city limits.

The Fashion Agency Platinum Fabulous also contact the Face Value Agency and give them information about their online accounts, websites and Face Value applications which  were also hacked and the hacker had posted obscene messages onto their websites and social media applications.