Eurovision 2015 and the Art of Songwriting

60th Anniversary of Eurovision. Watching the live show of Eurovision and enjoying watching the Scores for each country being announced. Congratulations to the Winners Sweden- The 2015 Winners of Eurovision. Guest Performers Australia did very well at Eurovision 2015.

Does a poet also make a good songwriter, I wonder? yes, I think that a song is poetry with music and a poet with a ear for music could definitely make a good songwriter.

Guide to Songwriting

The UK Songwriting Contest

The Songwriting Magazine


The First Mermaid I Saw

Daryl Hannah was the first mermaid I saw as a youngster. It was only years later, when I was seventeen when I wrote my very first poem, “Lady of the Sea”, after a crush I had, that I realized that “Splash”, the movie made such a lasting impression on me. Years later the poem was published in an Anthology of Poetry, published by the Watermark press in USA.


A few years ago, I published a collection of seventy-five of my poems, I titled the book, “Lady of the Sea and other poems.”

Lady of the Sea-Book
Lady of the Sea-Book

“The Lady of the Sea” has come a long way, from being a movie that made an impression, in “Splash”, on my mind, to a poem, which later set me onto the path to being a poet and author.

Warren’s Literary Journey

I began writing poems, short stories, publishing and blogging several years ago. In this blog I will take you on that literary journey, while trying to make it as interesting as possible. Writing has always been my passion. I guess writing is my genetic inheritance from my father, Melvyn Brown. My Dad has been a great influence in my life. My earliest images, which are imprinted on my mind, are of my Dad sitting at his desk, late in the night, writing his articles. Dad still enjoys writing and he now has his own blog and a Facebook page. I do hope that you enjoy reading my walk on the pathway of words and inspiration.